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Escape Room Alchemy

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March 2019
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Escape Room
Feel in the middle ages atmosphere, where technology is part of a magic. Your goal is to find the ancient treasure in only 60 minutes.
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What is Escape Room?

Escape Room “Alchemy”, located in Riga, near st. Peter’s church, is computer game in reality. Up to 8 participants can join together.  Dungeons full of mysteries, where hidden doors lead to secret alchemist places, and magic intertwine together with mechanics.

What to do in Riga? Join one of the most popular entertainment – Escape Room. You will get to know not only our room secrets, but Old Riga mysteries as well.
Why Escape Rooms are so popular?
First of all – it is opportunity to bring video game to life. To be hero of the day, experience movies like “Mummy” and “Indiana Jones” on your own skin. May be you are modern age Sherlock Holmes?
Second reason – you can seek for all sorts of secrets, hidden doors, locks and mechanisms, just to get out of Escape Room.  Third reason – it is just FUN! You will need to team up, find your strong side, take role or be a leader! Either way there are no losers.

First Escape Rooms were born in Singapore, in 2007. Later they came to Japan and Korea.
Nowadays Escape Rooms are all around the globe. Of course, because you can do all the things you dreamed about.
You can explore dungeons, sneak in alien base or find powerful relic of medieval alchemist.

Dive in to medieval atmosphere and try to find mighty relic, stolen from Constantinople by crusaders.
You will have 60 minutes for this quest.
You will be accompanied by a talisman to stand against forces of darkness – our fellow cat Sheila.

How much does Escape Room game cost?

Game price depends on weekday and time
Weekends and any day after 18:00 – 60 euro
Working days before 18:00 – 45 euro
Price is per group and payment is made on arrival

We do accept bank cards or cash
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Tel.: +371 27332263
Address: Jāņa iela 16, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1050, Latvija
Open every day from 12:00 – 20:30!
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